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The Phineas statue is currently crated and stored in the basement of the Student Union, its future use undecided. The question remains: what to do about Phineas?

The answer lies with you. Yes, YOU. We will consider any and all suggestions, conventional and radical alike. This could include:

  • Keeping Phineas stored in the basement

  • Putting the statue on permanent display on campus

  • Accessioning it into the UCL museums

  • Placing it on long-term loan with another institution

  • The theatrical destruction of the statue in the Quad!

To kickstart the conversation, Phineas will be on temporary display in the cloisters at the end of June.


There are many ways to make your voice heard on the matter:

  • In person at one of our events

  • On social media #ThePhineasQuestion

  • Or, you can get in touch with us directly below


We welcome contributions in all formats, from a few lines of text to Instagram stories, posters or blogs. If you’d like to present an idea on our website, or at one of our events, please do get in touch!

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What should we do about Phineas?

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